PhD AND MPhil programme


doorwayNote that according to the University’s rules, applicants may qualify for admission for a PhD if they have one of these:

  • a master's degree;
  • an honours degree, or a four-year bachelor's degree, plus at least one year's registration for the master's degree;
  • a three year bachelor's degree plus at least two years registration for a master's degree.

If you satisfy this criterion, you will be required to submit the following for selection purposes:

  • your academic transcript;
  • a 300- to 500-word statement of purpose describing your purpose and rationale in undertaking a PhD in engineering education. Note that this statement need not be long (one single-spaced A4 page is enough) but it must be well-organised, grammatically correct and engaging and should clearly communicate your understanding of what a PhD in engineering education entails. You may also explain any irregularities or special circumstances applicable to your background and elaborate on special abilities and achievements;
  • An interview with a co-ordinator at a partner institution or a request for additional written submission.