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The Centre for Research in Engineering Education (CREE) was established in the former Faculty of Engineering - now The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment - at UCT in 1996. The aim of CREE has been to establish and promote engineering education as a research field both at UCT and in the broader academic community. This focus has since been extended to include science and related disciplines as a need to promote education research in these areas was identified. CREE is regarded as a key player in the promotion of engineering education research and development across the whole country.


1. To promote research that informs the development of the learning environment and educational process in engineering, science and related disciplines, in order to improve student learning and graduation rates, with specific reference to issues of race, gender and disadvantage.

2. To build the capacity of academic staff to undertake educational research in engineering and related disciplines, as well as to implement the results of such research.

3. To disseminate the results of educational research in engineering, science and related disciplines through publications, seminars and conferences.

4. To promote co-operation in education in engineering, science and related disciplines regionally, nationally and internationally.