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Nazeema Ahmed

About Nazeema

Nazeema is the Faculty Psychologist for students in Engineering and the Built Environment at UCT.

Education Research Focus

Nazeema's research interests have arisen largely from individual and group psychotherapeutic work which she has conducted with Engineering and Built Environment students over the years. These engagements led to research interests in exploring the efficacy of psychotherapy for young adults; evaluating the effectiveness of various interventions within the higher education setting; and determining the factors which enable persistence of students within the engineering degree programmes.

Selected Publications

  • Ahmed, N., Kloot, B., Collier-Reed, B.I. (2014). Why students leave engineering and built environment programmes when they are academically eligible to continue.  European Journal of Engineering Education, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03043797.2014.928670
  •  Case, J., Jawitz, J., & Ahmed, N.  (2005).  Smile nicely, make the tea – but will I ever be taken seriously? Engineering students’ experiences of vacation work.   The International Journal of Engineering Education, 21(1), 134-138.