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Margaret Blackie

About Margaret

Margaret is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University.

Education Research Focus

Margaret's interests in education research are firmly rooted in finding a philosophical and theoretical foundation for teaching science in a higher education institution and in the ontological development of students.

Selected Publications

  • Blackie, MAL (2014) ‘Creating Semantic Waves: using Legitimation Code Theory as a tool to aid the teaching of chemistry’,Chemistry Education Research and Practice, in press
  • Rosasachi, S; Blackie, MAL; Nel, I; Young, G; Leibowitz, B; Malgas, R & Costandius, E (2014) ‘Stumbling over the first hurdle? Exploring notions of critical citizenship at Stellenbosch University’ in Critical Thinking (eds) Davies M. and Barnett R.
  • Blackie, MAL (2012) ‘A Popperian perspective on science education’, International Journal of Science Education 1, 160-167
  • Blackie, MAL; Case, JM & Jawitz, J  (2010) ‘Student centredness: the link between transforming students and transforming ourselves’, Teaching in Higher Education, 15 (6), 637-646