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Kate le Roux

About Kate

Kate is a senior lecturer in the Academic Development Programme within the Numeracy Centre at UCT.

Education Research Focus

Since coming to UCT (from a background in school teaching and educational development work in schools) Kate's empirical research and teaching have focused on students’ transition from school mathematics to the mathematical practices of the university. The term “mathematical practices” here refers to both the mathematics traditionally required in undergraduate science programmes (e.g. calculus) and the use of mathematical and statistics in quantitative disciplines such as psychology and health sciences. Kate is interested in what mathematics is offered to students in this transition, what opportunities are offered for participation in the mathematics, and how students participate in what is on offer. Her research involves both describing the macro-level processes in this transition from both a mathematical and socio-political perspective, and also explaining what is seen in the university classroom in relation to the wider socio-political spaces of education and social structure (e.g. race and language) . Thus her theoretical research interest lies in identifying and developing the theoretical and methodological tools to bring all of these aspects of the empirical space into view. Currently, she is using Fairclough’s work in critical linguistics, supplemented by the work of Morgan, Moschkovich and Sfard in mathematics education.  

Selected Publications

  • Le Roux, K. (2014). Explaining mathematical meaning in “practical terms” and access to advanced mathematics.  In P. Liljedahl, C. Nicol, S. Oesterle, & D. Allan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 38th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, 4 (pp.65-72). Vancouver: PME.
  • Kapp, R; Prince, R; Pym, J; Badenhorst, E; Bangeni, B; Craig, T., Janse van Rensburg, V; Le Roux, K, Van Pletzen , E. (in press, September 2014). ‘Out of order’: Negotiating working-class schooling and identity in post-Apartheid South Africa, Perspectives in Education, 32(3).
  • Le Roux, K. (2013). “I just make sure that I go for it”: A mathematics student’s transition to and through university. In Berger, M., Brodie, K., Frith, V., Le Roux, K. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Seventh International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (pp.360-369). Cape Town: MES7.
  • Le Roux, K. and Adler, J. (2012). Talking and looking structurally and operationally as ways of acting in a socio-political mathematical practice. In Tso, Tai-yih (Ed.), Proceedings of the 36th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, 3 (pp.51-58). Taipei: PME.
  • Frith, V., Le Roux, K., Lloyd, P., Jaftha, J., Mhakure, D., & Rughubar-Reddy, S. (2010). Tensions between context and content in a quantitative literacy course at university. In U. Gellert, E. Jablonka & C. Morgan (Eds.), Proceedings of the Sixth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (pp.230-240). Berlin: Freie Universität Berlin.