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Jenni Case

About Jenni

Jenni Case is a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, UCT.

Education Research Focus

Jenni has focused her career on the improvement of science and engineering education in South Africa. For 18 years this has primarily involved an intense engagement in the undergraduate chemical engineering programme at UCT where she has conducted research on the student experience of learning. She has used this to inform her teaching in the junior years of the programme as well as her work as a programme convener and curriculum designer. Her research has also been widely published in the international education research literature and she now edits Higher Education, one of the top international journals in the field.

Selected Publications

  • Case, J. M. (2008) 'Alienation and engagement: Development of an alternative theoretical framework for understanding student learning', Higher Education, 55: 321 - 332.
  • Case, J. M. (2011) 'Knowledge matters: interrogating the curriculum debate in engineering using the sociology of knowledge', Journal of Education, 51: 73-92.
  • Case, J. M. & Marshall, D. (2004) 'Between deep and surface: Procedural approaches to learning in engineering education contexts', Studies in Higher Education, 29: 605-615.
  • Case, J. M., Marshall, D. & Linder, C. (2010) 'Being a student again: A narrative study of a teacher’s experience', Teaching in Higher Education, 15: 423-433.
  • Marshall, D. & Case, J. M. (2010) 'Rethinking ‘disadvantage’ in higher education: A paradigmatic case study using narrative analysis', Studies in Higher Education, 35: 491-504.

Email: jenni.case@uct.ac.za