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Jeff Jawitz

About Jeff

Jeff is an Associate Professor in CILT (the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching) at UCT.

Education Research Focus

Jeff's early exploration in Education Research focused on student success in engineering education, and included exploring the experience of women students in engineering. He then shifted to issues of curriculum in engineering focusing on the outcomes based accreditation process as well as challenges of assessment. His third research phase involved his PhD study and centred around issues of academic learning and academic identity. Arising out of that work he explored the relationship between race and academic practice.

Jeff is currently involved in a large cross institutional study of the professional development of academics in their role as teachers. His responsibility is for the UCT case study in this project.

Selected Publications

  • Jawitz, J. (2012) Race and assessment practice in South Africa: understanding black academic experience.  Race Ethnicity and Education 15(4), 545-559
  • Blackie M., Case J. & Jawitz J.  (2010) Student-centredness: the link between transforming students and transforming ourselves.  Teaching in Higher Education 15(6),637-646
  • Jawitz, J. (2009)  Learning in the academic workplace: The harmonization of the collective and the individual habitus.  Studies in Higher Education. 34(6), 601-614
  • Jawitz, J. (2009)  Academic identities and communities of practice in a professional discipline.  Teaching in Higher Education, 14(3), 241-251.
  • Jawitz, J. (2008)  Learning to assess in the academic workplace: case study in the Natural Sciences. South African Journal of Higher Education 22(5), 1006-1018
  • Jawitz, J. (2007) New Academics negotiating communities of practice: Learning to swim with the big fish.  Teaching in Higher Education. 12(2), 185-197
  • Shay, S. & Jawitz, J. (2005) Assessment and the quality of educational programmes: What constitutes evidence?  Perspectives in Education. 23 (1), 103-112
  • Case, J. & Jawitz, J. (2004) Using Situated Cognition Theory in Researching Student Experience of the Workplace.  Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 41(5), 415-431

Email: jeff.jawitz@uct.ac.za