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Brandon Collier-Reed

About Brandon

Brandon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as the Deputy Dean of undergraduate education in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, at UCT. 

Education Research Focus

Brandon’s research shifted from a disciplinary focus to a teaching and learning focus during the late 1990's and when he was drawn into the teaching of an experientially-based first-year course in mechanical engineering. Drawing on his PhD in Engineering Education, his research looks to understand the student learning experience through the use of the methodological approach called phenomenography. This has recently been complemented by a focus on the sociocultural characterisation of the student experience. A further research area of interest is the technological literacy of adolescents. More recently, his focus has shifted to the influence of podcasting on student learning in engineering.

Selected Publications

  • Ahmed, N., Kloot, B. & Collier-Reed, B. I. 2014. Why students leave engineering and built environment programmes when they are academically eligible to continue. European Journal of Engineering Education, 1-17.
  • Luckay, M. B. & Collier-Reed, B. I. 2014. An instrument to determine the technological literacy levels of upper secondary school students. International Journal of Technology & Design Education, 24, 261-273.
  • Collier-Reed, B. I. 2013. Considering Two Audiences When Recording Lectures as Lecturecasts. The African Journal of Information Systems, 5, 71-79.
  • Collier-Reed, B. I., Case, J. M. & Stott, A. 2013. The influence of podcasting on student learning: a case study across two courses. European Journal of Engineering Education, 38, 329-339.
  • Ingerman, Å. & Collier-Reed, B. 2011. Technological literacy reconsidered: a model for enactment. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 21, 137-148.

Email: brandon.collier-reed@uct.ac.za