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Bette Davidowitz

About Bette

Bette is a discipline specialist who became interested in research in Chemistry Education after Professor Marissa Rollnick, a visiting academic from Wits University, spent 6 months on sabbatical leave in the Chemistry Department at UCT, in 1998.  In 2000 Bette was appointed to the Academic Development Programme in the Faculty of Science at UCT.

Education Research Focus

Bette's initial research interests were looking at ways of improving learning in laboratories when, at the time, she was employed as a scientific officer at UCT, responsible for running some of the undergraduate laboratories in the Chemistry Department. Her research interests have since expanded to include learning in the classroom as well as looking at Factors Affecting Adjustment to tertiary education. Over the years her teaching and research interests have become integrated and can be considered to lie within the paradigm of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Selected Publications

  • Davidowitz, B, and Vokwana, N. (2014).  Developing an instrument to assess grade 12 teachers’ topic specific PCK in organic chemistry. In M. Askew, J. Loughran, M. Rollnick, & H. Venkatakrishnan (Eds.), Windows into mathematics and science teachers’ knowledge. USA & Canada: Routledge, 178-194.
  • Potgieter, M and Davidowitz, B. (2011). Preparedness for tertiary chemistry: multiple applications of the Chemistry Competence Test for diagnostic and prediction purposes, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 12, 193–204.
  • Davidowitz, B. and Rollnick, M. (2011). What lies at the heart of good undergraduate teaching? A case study in organic chemistry, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 12, 355–366.
  • Lubben, F, Davidowitz, B, Allie, S, Buffler, A and Scott, I. (2010). Factors influencing access students’ persistence in an undergraduate science programme: A South African case study. International Journal of Educational Development, 30, 351–358.
  • Potgieter, M and Davidowitz, B. (2010). Grade 12 Achievement Rating Scales in the New National Senior Certificate as Indication of Preparedness for Tertiary Chemistry. South African Journal of Chemistry, 63, 75–82.
  • Davidowitz, B, Chittleborough G and Murray, E. (2010). Student-generated submicro diagrams: a useful tool for teaching and learning chemical equations and stoichiometry. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 11, 154-164.

Email: bette.davidowitz@uct.ac.za