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Mapping the Research Landscape

Engineering and Science education research are arguably dynamic areas of research that encompass a variety of areas of endeavour in South African universities.  This newest CREE initiative, Mapping the Research Landscape, is a response to the growth in engineering and science education research which is reflected in the work of the CREE community as ideas have evolved over time.  It is also a means of initiating a discussion about what the research landscape in engineering and science education looks like and how CREE researchers define and position themselves within this domain. This activity invites open participation from the CREE community in discussion sessions that aim to identify, firstly, established trends in the area, and secondly, emerging issues, including avenues for further exploration and opportunities for collaboration.

For these sessions topics addressed by education researchers from the South African Society for Engineering Education (SASEE) community are explored.

CREE aims to run four of these sessions per year.