Welcome to the Centre for Research in Engineering Education at the University of Cape Town. CREE is a dynamic group of researchers based at the University of Cape Town and networked into the growing field of engineering education in South Africa and beyond. 

While focused on establishing and promoting engineering education research, our work has strong links with the fields of academic development and higher education studies, as well as being influenced by other discipline-based education research areas such as physics and maths education. As such, the CREE community values an interdisciplinary approach, and seeks to develop theoretically-informed and research-based ways of understanding the education process and the tertiary learning environment.

 CREE has the following objectives:

1.  To establish and promote engineering education in order to improve teaching and learning and further our understanding of the educational environment more broadly. Due to our location in South Africa, we have a particular interest in student success in relation to issues of race, gender and disadvantage.

2.  To build the capacity of academic staff at UCT and at other universities in South Africa to meaningfully engage in engineering education research, as well as to implement the results of such research.

3.  To disseminate the results of engineering education research through publications, seminars and conferences.

4.  To promote co-operation between various national and international bodies involved in supporting engineering education in order to move the field of engineering education forward as it continues to grow.