Welcome to the Centre for Research in Engineering Education at the University of Cape Town. CREE is a dynamic group of researchers based at the University of Cape Town and networked into the growing field of engineering education in South Africa and beyond. 

CREE is a centre for the promotion of innovative and engaged research in engineering education. Located at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, we are committed to the development, support and growth of research capacity and scholarship in engineering education that is locally relevant while engaging the global discourse.  Our focus on educational challenges in engineering and related science disciplines relevant to engineering is inter- and transdisciplinary, drawing on a wide range of theoretical lenses and methodological approaches.

We aim to

  • actively participate in conversations around research in engineering education by developing diverse local and international research collaboration and network opportunities
  • support staff and students to develop research knowledge, skills and competencies in engineering education, be this classroom-based or more theory-led research
  • disseminate research output through publication, conference contribution and the media
  • build research capacity in engineering education via a vibrant postgraduate student programme in the field of engineering education
  • provide quality supervision support for the development of our postgraduate students

Our research-led identity is shaped by a commitment to respond to issues emerging in our context: we are committed to participate in research involving

  • critical conversations in our country around the purposes and shape of engineering education
  • issues around social justice in engineering education, be it access and success in engineering education, de-coloniality, etc.

We strive to continue to develop a community of researchers at the leading edge of engineering education in southern Africa and beyond.